The lively acoustic duo, Princess Peapod, features the rich linen-textured vocals of Michele Frimmer, with the inventive harmonies and multi-layered guitar style of Dave Cook. Princess Peapod combines a fresh lyrical approach with just the right amount of crunch and groove to make for third-millennium folk at its best. Princess Peapod's imaginative, often reflective, sometimes quirky songwriting has a universal appeal, reaching out to a diverse audience. With their feet on the ground and heads in the clouds, Dave and Michele's candid performances are joyful expressions of the moment.

Princess Peapod began casually in late 1999, playing an odd mix of folk and kitschy 60's cover tunes at local venues. They began writing together and started playing the coffeehouse and bookstore circuit in and around the metro NY area. They developed into an astute songwriting team, able to work together in lockstep. Princess Peapod expanded their audience with the release of their debut album, self titled: Princess Peapod.

The album has been featured on the following programs:
  • WFUV’s Woody’s Children in NY
  • WMNR’s Good Folk in CT
  • WFDU’s Traditions in NJ
  • WSHU’s Acoustic Connections in CT
  • ..and others.
...and in rotation on these stations:
  • WUMB Boston
  • WSHU Profiles in Folk CT
Princess Peapod has appeared on WUMB’s Live at Noon and WSHU’s Profiles in Folk.
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